Gregory Piping Systems, LLC in Cheyenne, Wyoming provides welders and welding specialists in oil field services, including highly qualified and experienced pipe fitters, pipe welders, and roustabouts.

We have our own welding service trucks at our Cheyenne facility, and work on tank batteries, pits, gas piping systems, and water separation systems.

We install pipe as well as doing demolition work with an emphasis on safety and quality.

Call us for welding, welders, oil cleanup and oilfield reclamation in Cheyenne and around Wyoming.

We do our own steel fabrication, in the field or in our own Cheyenne shop, and more.
  Here's a quick list of our oil field services:
•  R. Stamp – X-Ray quality welders
•  AWS Welding School
•  Welding Service Trucks
•  Roustabout
•  Tank Batteries
•  Pits
•  Gas Piping Systems
•  Water Separation Systems
•  Oil cleanup
•  Oil Field Reclamation
•  Steel Fabrication, in the field or shop
•  Supply pipe and fitting

We have a boom truck up to 22,000 lb. and a large supply of weld and threaded materials in stock, from .5" to 4" threaded, 2" to 12" welded fittings, and 2" to 30" pipe in the yard.

Gregory Piping Systems, LLC is fresh air equipped and certified with our own Argo air carts equipment and certified people.

We believe in providing a better mechanical service by making sure our employees are well equipped, properly trained, and use the right equipment and tools. Call us today for welding and welders in Cheyenne and around Wyoming, and other oil field services!